Temple of Lies- The Serial Killer Suites

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Temple Of Lies Album CD ‘The Serial Killer Suite’ Released 1st July 2017



Leicester Rock/Metal band release their Second album ‘ The Serial Killer Suite’ in July 2017
Produced, mixed and mastered by Neil Hudson.

The standard order will arrive within 7 days, however please allow up to 21 days for delivery.

This Album is on sale on 1st July. This is a pre order and you will receive it within one week prior of release date. Get in early.

1. Epic Doom
2. Illusion of Choice
3. Broken Mind
4. Modus Operandi
5. Skin
6. I Cut You Bleed
7. Sleep
8. Dark Energy
9. Teeth
10. Face of Grey
11. Symbiotic Parasite
12. Nihilist Dreams


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